Emojis not working in WordPress posts

I am facing an issue where emojis are not displaying correctly in the WordPress Classic Editor nor the Gutenberg editor; they appear as “????” instead of the actual emoji. I have tried various methods to resolve this, including checking for plugin or theme conflicts, but the problem persists.

## Steps Taken So Far:

1. **Checking WordPress Installation**: Ensured that the WordPress installation is up-to-date. I have version 6.3.1.
2. **Checking Plugin and Theme Conflicts**: Checked for any plugin or theme conflicts by temporarily deactivating them one by one and testing the emoji display. Also tried using different themes including the WordPress Twenty Twenty-Three theme but the issue remained.
3. **Using External Resources**: Attempted to use external resources like GetEmoji.com to copy and paste emojis into the editor, but this did not resolve the issue.
4. **Database Configuration**: Verified that the database is using the utf8mb4 character set which supports emojis. Checked the wp-config.php file to ensure that the DB\_CHARSET and DB\_COLLATE values are correctly set.
5. **Jetpack Site Accelerator**: Considered the possibility that the Jetpack’s “Site Accelerator” feature might be causing the issue and contemplated disabling it to check if it resolves the problem.

Despite trying the above methods, the issue has not been resolved. Any ideas?

Here’s my Perplexity conversation as I tried to resolve the issue: [https://www.perplexity.ai/search/Does-Wordpress-classic-5.utnfxFT5Goqntw9ViGSQ?s=c](https://www.perplexity.ai/search/Does-Wordpress-classic-5.utnfxFT5Goqntw9ViGSQ?s=c)

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  1. which OS and browser? does this happen on other browsers/devices/OS? even if you disable wordpress’s inbuilt emoji, the system emoji should take over.


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