Emulating social media posts on WordPress?

Is there a way to create posts by pulling summary content from external links in the same way that Linkedin or Facebook does? I would like to be able to paste in a link from a news site, for example, and have the title, graphic and content snippet show up with a link back to the original post – ie the post summary is created automatically from the original. I’d then like to be able to add just a couple of lines of extra comment above this.

I’m new to WordPress.

  1. PS: I’ve tried the Embed and Custom HTML blocks but the latter doesn’t show anything and the former just shows “refuses to connect”.

    I now assume this means the content is blocked at the server so it’s not possible to bypass it – unless I post to social media first then to my own site.

    If anyone knows a workaround for this, please let me know.


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