Error 404 with localhost

Hi everyone,

I’m here to ask you a question about my girlfriend’s study project on WordPress. She is working on a WordPress website, and manage her database from phpmyadmin. I don’t know why, but she tried to switch her website from http to https directly in the main parameters of WordPress. She cancelled her move, BUT. Since this, she got a 404 error when she wants to acces the localhost website. She cannot acces to the WordPress dashboard anymore, neither her website.

Is there a quick “obvious” solution we didn’t know about ? I can give more details on the situation if necessary.

Thank you very much for your help !

  1. When you say localhost are you referring to a remote server or a local development environment? If you’re getting a 404 suddenly there may have been an issue with the URL rewriting in attempted move to https. Do you have a clean copy of the .htaccess file from when the site was working? That might help fix the 404 error.

  2. You can probably can access the wp_options table and change it back back to http in homeurl and siteurl in PMA.


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