Error establishing a Redis connection – only on plugin updates

Diagnostic info:

Status: Connected
Client: PhpRedis (v5.3.7)
Drop-in: Valid
Disabled: No
Ping: 1
Errors: []
PhpRedis: 5.3.7
Relay: Not loaded
Predis: 2.1.2
Credis: Not loaded
PHP Version: 8.0.28
Plugin Version: 2.4.1
Redis Version: 3.2.12
Multisite: No
Metrics: Enabled
Metrics recorded: 195
Filesystem: Working
Global Prefix: "wp_"
Blog Prefix: "wp_"
WP_REDIS_PLUGIN_PATH: "/home/redacted/public_html/production/wp-content/plugins/redis-cache"
Global Groups: [
Ignored Groups: [
Unflushable Groups: []
Groups Types: {
    "blog-details": "global",
    "blog-id-cache": "global",
    "blog-lookup": "global",
    "global-posts": "global",
    "networks": "global",
    "rss": "global",
    "sites": "global",
    "site-details": "global",
    "site-lookup": "global",
    "site-options": "global",
    "site-transient": "global",
    "users": "global",
    "useremail": "global",
    "userlogins": "global",
    "usermeta": "global",
    "user_meta": "global",
    "userslugs": "global",
    "redis-cache": "global",
    "counts": "ignored",
    "plugins": "ignored",
    "themes": "ignored",
    "blog_meta": "global",
    "theme_json": "ignored",
    "itsec-lockouts": "ignored"
Drop-ins: [
    "maintenance.php v by ",
    "Redis Object Cache Drop-In v2.4.1 by Till Krüss"


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