Error saving settings: cannot save any settings in woo payments

Hi there @ant1977 👋

Thank you for reaching out about this.

HI i am having a problem with saving settings in woo payments, it works fine on my other websites that use it but not this one.

From what I gather, you are unable to save settings for WooPayments, via the back-end dashboard.

Just to clarify, are you using the same server environment for all your sites, or otherwise? Furthermore, could you elaborate on what other settings, or part of the set up, could be different for that site that settings are not being saved? Comparing them would help identify a direction towards where the issue might be.

The only thing i couldn’t do was disconnect jetpack, i don’t have it installed in the plugins but when i check the files in cpanel there is a folder for woocommerce jetpack, is there meant to be a plugin folder for this thats not showing on the front end? or could this be the issue?

The Jetpack plugin is not required to use WooPayments. WooPayments does connect your site with as described here, but the Jetpack plugin itself is not necessary to make this connection.

That said, Jetpack can be installed alongside WooPayments to add additional security, performance, and marketing tools to your site. It will use the same connection as WooPayments, so there’s no need to connect it separately.

On occasion, such as after restoring your site from a backup, WooPayments might become disconnected from To fix this problem, you can use Jetpack to reset the connection so that it works again.

To reset the connection, follow the Changing the account you’re connected to section. However, instead of reconnecting your site to a different account, simply reconnect to your original one to restore the connection.

I hope that helps! Looking forward to your response.


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