Error: Your access token has expired. Please request a new one.

Hi @jimk1416,

Happy to help.

That error is only caused by some caching happening somewhere in the process.

In order to verify that my hypothesis is right here, we need to exclude any asset loaded by GiveWP from the cache. Although you’re not using any caching plugins your host might have some server-level cache running.

Caching is handled differently on various sites and web hosts, and most of them allow for excluding specific URLs or parts of URLs from caching. At the very least, you should exclude the following slugs from caching:

Also, the following query strings:

Your host can help with that. Some of them may require what’s called a “wildcard” like /donations/* to capture all subdirectories under the /donations/ folder.

Thanks @mrdaro
I’m on Hostmonster shared server so I’ll see what I can find.

I have another site on a Hostgator server and the same test worked there without any errors.

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Follow up in case this helps anyone.
I was not able to find anything about caching on Hostmonster or Hostgator.
They just point you to Caching plugins.
I was performing my test in Chrome browser.

I cleared the cache in the browser and that seemed to solve the issue.
I repeated the test with WP Optimize plugin and again with WP Super Cache plugin.
No errors if either plugin was disabled or enabled.
Not sure why there was no errors on the Hostgator website but this solved the error issue for the Hostmonster website.


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