Exclude Open-ended questions from scoring

Hi palmstone, do you want those questions to still be marked, but excluded from the score, or do you not want them to be marked at all?

This is not something that HD Quiz does by default. All questions are marked and included in the score. However, I built in a lot of hooks into HD Quiz that we can use to modify behaviour. In your case, we can use the hdq_submit action to hook into quiz completion. We can then loop through all of the text based answer questions and remove their marking from the total score.

I could send you the code for this, but A) I need to know exactly what you are looking for (see first paragraph), and B) it’s not something I’ll be able to provide soon. You’ll need to wait for next week.

In the meantime, I just want to let you know that the text based answers were meant for single word answers more than sentences. They are also compatible with stemming. Stemming is used by adding an * asterisk to the end of the word so that any letters after will be allowed. Example: using ho* as one of your allowed answers means that horses, hop, hope, hole, holes etc would all be accepted answers. Maybe this will help you use that question type as is.

Thank you so much for your quick response!!!

1. I want all text answers to be excluded from both marking and scoring. We simply want people to be able to write an answer (I do take note of the possibility of single word answers and will certainly use that option on future quizzes).

2. Waiting until you have time to provide the code is not a problem!

3. Is there a place where we can send you a donation? Your Quiz program is remarkably user friendly. Love it.


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