Failed to process the payment. [UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY] #error-PAYMENT_DENIED

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It’s worth noting I am not seeing any failed activity in Paypal, so is it their bank stopping the transaction?

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Hello @xclone

The error you have encountered, specifically PAYMENT_DENIED, is not directly related to the functionality of our plugin, but rather to the payment method that is being utilized within it. In most scenarios, such issues arise when a bank or PayPal itself decides to deny the transaction.

I’d kindly recommend getting in touch with PayPal Merchant Technical Support for more detailed insight. As much as we’d like to assist directly, our scope is limited since we don’t have access to PayPal’s backend logs.

If there are any technical concerns or questions you might have regarding our plugin, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.

Kind Regards,


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Thank you Krystian! I truly appreciate your quick response. This is the first time i’ve ever setup a cart and wanted to make sure it wasn’t a misconfiguration on my side.


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