Fatal error when opening a page with a contact forn

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No, it’s fine and thanks for the detailed log! 😉
Indeed it is not checked the options are of the type array, but it is very strange that you have the options stored as string… can you check the options page, save the options again or, eventually, reset them (at the end of the configuration panel under the advanced tab).

Tomorrow I’ll have a better look at it, but if you can, try installing and uninstalling, it might solve the problem.
Ah and thanks for the heads up! 🚀

Saving the options page again and resetting it has not worked. The problem was that the experimental Honeypot form was enabled without any excluded pages. Therefore, an empty string was saved in the options array for the key honeyform_excluded_pages. After I added a page, an array was saved and the error was gone. You probably should initialize this option with an empty array instead of an empty string.

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