Featured Image doesn’t show on the Product page

Hello, I’m struggling with my wordpress page, with woocommerce. The featured image should be showing as the first image on the product page, but isn’t. I’ve read a few other threads, like this one:

Product Images don’t show (Woocommerce) where they have some solutions, but the CSS they are proposing isn’t working.

My page is here: http://www.byjgk.com , and for example, if you check out a product category page, like: https://www.byjgk.com/product-category/dresses/ , and then select a dress (e.g.: https://www.byjgk.com/product/the-jersey-maxi-dress-petite-in-sandstone/), you should then see the same featured which was on the category page also appear as the first image on the product page as WELL/(in addition to the other 3 images that are there).

Normally, that’s how the image feature works, so there must be some opacity/other problem.

I also did try changing the woocommerce.css file, (which was also a suggestion in the link above, to put this there:

.product.has-default-attributes.has-children > .images{opacity :1;}

but i didn’t see any class called exactly that with the word “children”.

I also tried to put the “jquery” that was suggested:

$(‘.woocommerce-product-gallery–with-images’).css(‘opacity’, 1);

into the functions.php section, but it said this query had some sort of error, or it didn’t like the “$” maybe…

Soooo, I’m at a loss. please help. I see a few people have asked about this on some other forums, but many don’t figure it out.


The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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