Featured images are driving me nuts!


The featured image thing is driving me bonkers.

Our site is set up to show the most recent posts on the main page. I don’t always want to include the same image on the front page as on the post page. I use the classic editor, sometimes with Divi, sometimes not.

I tried using FIFU to do this, but I see some bizarre behaviors. I’m wondering if there is any way to fix these issues (not sure it’s entirely related to FIFU):

– If I set a featured image with FIFU (image 1), I can’t add another image in the post (image 2) because image 2 is used as the featured image.
– If I removed the featured image with FIFU and I use add media to add image 1 inside the post, then image 1 appears twice at the beginning of the post
– The featured image on the home page needs to be 3:2 but sometimes that’s not what I want in the post. But because of the preceding problems, I can’t set the featured image to be different than the one in the post

Is there any way around this? Right now, I’ve decided to limit my posts with a single image… and as I’m writing this, I wonder if the problem isn’t the classic edotor and whether I should use Divi all the time. I will need to check with my next post.




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