Figma design -> WordPress 6.3 or still use Elementor?

I’m working hard on a complete website design for my business in Figma. It’s nearing completion, then I want to put it online using WordPress.

In the past I’ve used Elementor.

In terms of design, I don’t think it’s crazy, nothing futuristic or pushing the boundaries. Just lots of sections, a clean header and footer, hero image on the homepage, images and grids of images, and I’m very meticulous about spacing and layout and sizing and breakpoints.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in WordPress / Gutenberg. Does the modern version of WordPress have the tools to handle sections, spacing, grids, headers/footers, components, global styles, etc? Is it easier then Elementor, or is there still a market for 3rd party drag and drop plugins?

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  1. The modern version of WP would let you build it. It would be more future proof and much faster. I recently built my site using it and was incredibly impressed with how powerful it was.


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