Fill Select field with content from a single post

Hi all

i’ve a post that contains a list o strings (one string for row), like this:
bla bla bla
ble ble ble
blu blu blu

then i’m trying to populate a Select field retriving those strings
so the user can choose a string for single row
but the output in the Select i get 1 row with all the string in it

[select* show include_blank ""]

[cf7-recordset id="posta-data" type="post" attributes="post_title,post_content,guid" condition="post_status="publish" AND post_type="page" AND ID='4655'"]

[cf7-link-field recordset="posta-data" field="show" value="{}" keep-options]

<template id="post-content-summary">
<h2><a href="{attribute.guid}">{attribute.post_title}</a></h2>

also, i do’t need the page title but if i don’t use it, i got nothing in the Select field

there’s a way to reach teat goal?

thanks in advance!


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