Find .css for Specific Div Class


The css file for your website can be found in your hosting root directory (File manager)

I would recommend to make use of Advanced CSS in your Dashboard > Appearance > Customize for css styling instead

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The CSS rules for .media-content are in a style block just before the closing </body> tag. As such, it could have come from any number of original sources. The only way to override such styling is to either: find the original source; add another style block, ensuring it occurs after the existing one; or define element style attributes. For example <div class="media-content" style="font-weight: 600;">

To find the original source, you could try a recursive, full text, command line search tool like grep or findstr.

Perfect! You are a genius! Added the code ( style=”text-transform: none;”) to the single page and Removed the first letter capitalization which is what I need to do! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Have a Super Sunday. Thank you again! Sincerely: Paul


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