First obstacle as a beginner WP Dev – GTM4WP not tracking conversions – How to safely investigate?

I have a little experience with web dev and now I’m trying to learn WP. My flatmate works for the marketing department of a company and he asked me for a hand.

They have GTM4WP and other analytics plugins in their WooCommerce website, and it is not tracking the purchase/conversion events. The other plugins such as Meta and Tiktok are tracking the conversions, but GTM isn’t.

From a very quick research, it seems to be a relatively common issue, as seen in forums and documentations.

I am not hired by their company but at the same time it is a good learning opportunity. What would be a safe way for me to investigate, debug and test it for them? I do have access to his laptop if I need, but it would be a lot better if I could replicate their setup locally on my own PC so I can investigate and make changes more freely. Is there any way for me to do that?

Also, if you guys have any hints on what the solution could be, feel free to shoot them 🙂


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