FooEvents vs Tickera?

Hi to all,
I’m using WordPress and Elementor and need to be selling tickets ideally with a WordPress Multisite Network so my clients have the option to create their own events and sell tickets. I’m not interested on Eventbrite and all those fee charging solutions.
After a lot of research i believe FooEvents or Tickera are the way to go and i mean the Full bundle paid versions. Any more ideas? please i’m all ears d-\_-b

**Fooevents** seems fantastic, only the seating system seems a bit basic which is an issue. I’m not sure yet if it works on WP Multisite or Affiliate WP. But everything around it seems so active and up to date (days or weeks old content), very recent reviews, updates, facebook post, articles, youtube videos, 2 months old app update, linked In and blog articles and so on. Seems like they really care. I read their support is great too and fast.

**Tickera** seems fantastic too. Amazing addons and way better seating system. It does work on WP Multiste and Affiliate WP. The only really bad thing is that it’s difficult for me to trust them. Tickera seems not active at all, like it’s forgotten, a couple of years (and more) old videos, 1 year old android app update, 6 months old facebook posts, more bad than good reviews here and there… I also read mixed reviews about their support.

Can anyone with experience on this matter please help me?
Thank you

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  1. Have you looked into The Events Calendar (free/pro) with their Ticket Plus Pro addon? I’m not sure about it’s compatiblity with multisite but I’m going to guess it works fine. I am digging the interface and ease of setting up a ticketed event, reporting, Woo integration.


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