Forms gone again. |

Update: I set up Multiple Theme plugin and set the page with the form to have 2021. That worked.

I then edited the Theme footer.php to remove wp_footer() and the form was gone. Returned wp_footer() and the form is back.

Now I know everyone will say, don’t edit a Theme, create a Child Theme. Well I actually make all my changes like this, then create a New Theme altogether as I add functionality and remove what I won’t use. Besides the point.

I have been up all night trying to figure this out, so I think I am on to something.

It will explain why it all worked when I did the Theme Update.

I will fiddle a bit more and update this thread.

Re uploaded the theme, sans my edits. It all works. Definately the wp_footer() function then.

Okay, it is confirmed, wp_footer() is needed for the Form to display.

Hi @thisiszeev,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

The wp_footer function is an important hook in WordPress that is used to add content to the footer of a website. Please note, Forminator uses the wp_footer to load scripts in the footer hence removing the wp_footer() will end up with Forms not loading as expected.

Is there any specific reason that you need the wp_footer to be removed from the theme?

Kind Regards,
Nebu John


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