From a developer’s point of view: CraftCMS vs WordPress

Hi dear developers.

I’m a developer who has been using WordPress for over a decade, and I discovered CraftCMS a few years ago.

Today, I wanted to get feedback from a developer’s point of view about the strong and weak points of each one.

**Custom fields**

As I see it, the strength of CraftCMS is, it has an amazing UI and everything related to custom fields is just done right. It’s amazing.

Of course, for WordPress there is the ACF plugin + ACF extended, which kind of makes it possible to achieve a similar power.

**Database structure**

Well, Craft is more recent and it had a better chance to structure the DB in a way that is a thousand times more efficient than WordPress, where everything ends up being either a post or a post\_meta record.

On the other hand, having it simple, like WordPress, allows to easily look into the db and understand it. Edit stuff from there is a no brainer. Though… what’s the point, if you have a nice admin ui? (maybe to debug weird situations with ease).


If something makes WordPress powerful over everything, it’s hooks. This concept is just plain beauty. It makes extending WordPress easy peasy and a great experience.

With CraftCMS I feel that extending it to make real custom stuff happen is waaaaaay more difficult. Adding custom screens to the admin, fire custom redirects, actions, filters. All of that makes building custom functionality for Craft very complex compared to WordPress.

**What are your thoughts, in general?**

I’d like to collect as many point of views as possible, and learn from you.

In the end it’s not about which one is better, it’s about which one I would use to achieve X task.


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