Frontend page load less than 1 second?

I’m working on a large site. Has anyone ever gotten a page or the ‘front page’ to load in less than 1 second? No cache.

I’m primarily a ReactJS / Rust / WASM developer. I have extensive Laravel experience but not much WordPress experience.

Any tips?

  1. Well, it’s going to be relative to where the user is. If they are physically close to the server (or at least on the same continent), you can get it under 1s, but if a user hits it from 10,000 or 20,000 km away, you have to deal with how fast it takes for the information to physically travel that far.

    It also depends on what you consider a “page load”. If you mean “Time to Interactive” or “Onload Time”, yes… it can be done. This site uses no server-side caching, it does use Cloudflare edge network so HTML is physically close to users though:


  2. If it’s literally the same content for everybody who sees it, then it’s real easy to get it to load in one second. Just memory cache it using nginx or something similar and boom.

  3. Yes, front pages load in less than 1sec for lots of people.

    Start with the Lighthouse test thing in Chrome devtools. Take its advice, at least some of which is targeted specifically to WordPress. When you’ve done what it suggests about the weight of pages and cache-ability of static assets like .js and image pages, only then …

    look into using a cdn like cloudflare and a page cache rig like Litespeed.

    You may need a persistent object cache too.


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