GA doesn’t work – Details in Message Body

Hi Manish,

Thanks for using Independent Analytics!

It won’t have any impact on GA’s ability to track, so I think there’s something else going on. When I visit the site, I’m not seeing the tracking script normally added by GA. I would double-check the plugin you’re using to include GA on the site, and you might also want to take a look at any performance optimization plugins. Sometimes Javascript optimizations can mistakenly affect the ability of scripts like GA to run properly.

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Hi Ben (@bensibley ),

Ok, so before using IA, Site Kit plugin was installed on the website and it was taking too many resources(I checked in the Console) and GA was working.

I removed Site kit and installed IA and that’s when it stopped working.

Also, I have Litespeed cache enabled on my website with Minify options too for both css and js.

Hooe this helps.

Thanks for your prompt response.


Okay I understand now. Independent Analytics is an alternative platform to Google Analytics, so it doesn’t run GA on your site. Instead, it adds its own Analytics dashboard to your WP admin, which you can access on mobile by logging into your website.

If you’d prefer to continue using GA, you’ll want to install another plugin that will add GA’s tracking script to your site.

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thanks Ben,

Any GA plugin that you can suggest which can be installed alongside IA.

Should be lightweight too.

Appreciate your support.


This plugin is really lightweight:

It helps you add the GA script without loading much else on your site.

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thank you Ben.

i will keep IA on my website and GA to checkdata on the go. Hope there’s no conflict.

Good Luck to you for a successful journey ahead

Thanks, Manish.

I don’t anticipate any errors, but if something does come up, you know where to find me 🙂


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