General route for becoming a WordPress developer?

I’m currently working as a content creator for a WordPress development agency and have been familiarizing myself with WordPress’ inner workings. I’ve been studying Python irregularly, so I have *some* context on software development.

From what I’ve gathered, PHP and JS are essential. I’d like to know how proficient you have to be in both to start developing in WordPress. Would it be enough to find a free course online to know the basics for both and then learn as I code my first site?

Are there any other languages I should know, too?

Any info is useful. Thanks.

  1. JS is not as needed for WP sites, not nearly as much as PHP. You can sort of learn as you go and be fine. I’ve been working with WP for like 15 years now and think it’s one of those things that should be learned by setting up a few stages and intentionally breaking some things while you try to build.

    There are a million tutorials that explain how WP works too, and you’ll want a good understanding of the theme structure to see how it all goes together.


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