Get Maximum Support: Read This Before Opening A Ticket

Thank you for choosing Essential Addons – the number 1 Elementor addons for 2 Million+ Users that ensures you get the best in web design! 

We are sorry to hear you are facing difficulties with Essential Addons; please read this before you post a new support ticket to solve the issue faster and improve your experience.

Please try these steps before creating a ticket: 

  1. We have detailed guidelines for all our advanced widgets from Essential Addons. Please go through our Demos, read our documentation & check out our FAQ. You can also watch our video tutorials for easier walk-through.

We routinely update them all to incorporate any plugin modifications and new feature introductions. 

  1. Make sure you are using the most updated versions of plugins ‘Elementor’ & ‘Essential Addons,’ your theme and WordPress. 
  1. Most issues seem to arise from conflicts with other plugins being used. Gradually deactivate all your plugins. If that fixes things, switch them back on one by one until you identify the troublemaker. 
  1. Also, if you are using a caching plugin, clear the cache or disable it.
  1. In your WordPress root folder, edit wp-config.php to set WP-DEBUG to true.
  1. Clear Assets from Elementor; then regenerate assets from Essential Addons. 

If you have tried everything mentioned above & are still facing issues, please start a ticket using the following steps:

  1. Describe the issue and what led to it. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible to help us understand better. You can take a screenshot or screencast using free tools such as ‘Loom’ and attach it to your support ticket. 
  1. If you suspect any issue caused by the theme or plugin you are using, please attach the name + URL of the theme or plugin.
  1. Send us your system info. You can find it under Elementor → System info. Please use Pastebin to paste it and send it to us.
  1. Also, you can initiate a live chat at Essential Addons Support.  

Note: If you are a free Essential Addons plugin user, then you are in the correct forum to take support. We will try to get back to you with prompt support at our earliest possible time.

But if you are an Essential Addons PRO user, do not create a support topic in these forums. Commercial products are not supported here and developers cannot support customers on this forum. No developer is permitted to do that. Feel free to reach out to our support team here for our fast priority support ticket system where our dedicated staff answer tickets.

How can I share new ideas for features I want to see in this plugin?

Yes, you can make a feature request on GitHub, or upvote an existing request. You can easily create an issue if you have a suggestion or idea. It will allow others to vote and contribute to our product roadmap. Other than that, you can submit feature requests and join our Facebook Community to discuss and share your feedback.


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