1. Which plugin is in the question here?

    That might be because of conflict with another plugin.
    Try to do these before giving out ftp details:

    1. Disable all plugins.
    2. Install the plugin you purchased and see if it’s working.
    3. Update the plugin (if there’s an update).
    4. One-by-one manually activate plugins to detect the conflicting plugin.
    5. Once you have successfully detected the plugin, try to find a solution over internet (or with your developers)

    Note: In most cases, its the plugin updates that conflicts. I usually get this problem while installing an older version of elementor pro with latest elementor plugin. For that, I have to rollback elementor version and then update elementor pro first.

    Important: Always take a backup before testing, installing, removing a plugin.

  2. Follow the steps provided by the first poster here and if those don’t work create another ftp login and shut it down when they are done reviewing. You might also try sending them your error log before giving them ftp access.

  3. You could look at a couple of options. If the plugin supports verbose logging, you could provide it to the developer. Secondly, if you’ve ruled out conflicts with other plugins, you could look at setting up a temporary test site.

    Since you’ve purchased the plugin, you should explore as many avenues so that the developer(s) can address it upstream. This way you’ll minimize or avoid the need to find a custom solution that could break again if there are future releases, updates or upgrades.


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