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Hi @remcorhee,

Each Map implementation has its’ differences (i.e. different scripts that have to be blocked) and may therefore require it’s own integration to be handled correctly. And I expect that there’s no integration available yet for the specific Map implementation that you’re using.

You should be able to restore the Map to its’ unblocked state by navigating to Complianz -> Integrations -> Services and disabling the Google Maps integration here, as well as the Advanced Custom Fields integration under Integrations -> Plugins.

And if you let us know which Map plugin/implementation you’re using, we will check if an integration is possible.

Kind regards, Jarno


Il will work on it. Weird thing is, I’ve used this setup before, always works.

Map not displaying in a theme by Yootheme and not displaying in events by MEC Pro calendar.

Thanks, will let you know if this helps.

Best regards,


I have disabled both. That works! 🙂

Hi @remcorhee,

You likely have to perform a “Clear/Purge all” action in any optimization tools, your recent changes to the settings in Complianz haven’t been reflected on the front-end yet (the scripts are still blocked at the moment).

If you visit the page in question by adding ?nocache behind the URL, you will find that it immediately starts to work as expected.

Kind regards, Jarno


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