Google ReCAPTCHA v3 setting won’t stay selected when I save!

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Please note that there are two locations where you can switch between those captcha version tabs.

1. captcha integration settings: “Forminator -> Settings -> CAPTCHA” page

If you are asking about this page then this is expected and regular behavior. It does not indicate any bug. It is only configuration and it does not determine captcha version used on form. What you need to make sure there is only that you have keys set for the version that you want to use and that’s it.

Furthermore, you can have two versions configured or all three there if you want and later on use different version on different forms.

If you want to use v3 you just add keys for v3 and v2 can stay “empty” – it does not matter that it is selected when you get back to that page, it’s just a menu settings.

2. captcha field settings: that’s in the settings of the actual field of type “captcha’ that you add to the form

So when you edit the form, in a form builder (“Forminator -> Forms -> [edit form that you want to add captcha to] -> Fields”, there you can use “Insert fields” Option to add “Captcha” type field.

This is what actually adds captcha to the form and there in the field settings you select the type of captcha that will be used on this form.

If you only have v3 version keys configured (point 1 above; no matter which one is selected there), then if you select v3 here it will work; and here it will stay selected because this is what actually determines which version would be used on this particular form.

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Thank you! This makes perfect sense. From now on just integrate the keys in settings and then for each form use the Captcha Form element and select the version I’d like to use from there.


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