GOOGLE REVIEWS “Fatal Error” on auto-update

I have this exact same error.
It appears to be caused when you have more than one plugin (I have reviews for google and reviews for Trip advisor installed). In my case, I can let go of the Trip Advisor plugin.

It’s clear “ti_exclude_js()” is the problem. I would assume this will bet pushed out in an update.

For now, I am leaving ‘Reviews for trip advisor” deactivated and i am fine.

The functions ti_exclude_js() and ti_exclude_inline_js() are declared in both Google reviews AND in Tripadvisor reviews plugins, without checking if they already exist !
You have this error if you activated both plugins. The solution I found was to edit the /wp-content/plugins/review-widgets-for-tripadvisor/review-widgets-for-tripadvisor.php file, comment the two functions to remove the error, open the site administration and disable the Tripadvisor reviews plugin.
This will work until Trustindex fixes the error and updates the plugins…

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Hello @kerbelegou , @neoshadow , @brianol

Please, upgrade to 9.8.3. It will solve your problems. (It came up when you used multi free Trustindex plugins at the same time)

Thank you for your lines and patience,

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