Got given a wordpress website to revamp from 2019 (family member gave it) what should i be wary of?

So this is my first time using wordpress honestly. I am incredibly experienced building websites with shopify and a graphic designer by trade. She wants me to make the website as aesthetic as possibke, it will be a bit of a learning curve i assume. What should be the first thing to do? Update all plugins? She used block theme from elementor, she hasnt done any maintenance since 2019

  1. Depends upon how much (themes and plug-ins) have, or have not, been auto-updating. If you are going to keep the foundation you have, then update everything, for sure.

    The Gutenberg page layout has come along way since 2019. Decide whether you want to keep Elementor, go with stock Gutenberg, or some other. Personal preference really. I like Astra. [](


    1. Make a backup of the current site without doing anything
    2. Validate the version of the current wordpress
    3. Check the name of the theme and validate if you have the license or if the theme has some documentation or support
    4. Validate the hosting, sometimes the support from hosting providers can help you
    5. Check if all plugins, check if there are still active or if they are commercial validate if you have an active license, support from the authors can help
    6. If the site is crucial for some business operation, it is better to make a copy and test everything on the copy first

  3. Advice will differ depending on if you are getting paid or not. And how much you value your time.

    That said, if you can use Design Software and Shopify, you can use Elementor.

    However, you may even just want to focus on the frontend design via Figma, Photoshop, or whatever you use, and hire someone to build it out.

    Then you can go in, see what they did, and have a better understanding of things.

    Or if it’s something you plan on using more, it might be worth taking the time to learn

    Either way, work from a staging site first

  4. make a backup of the site first, and save it off-site.

    check the site’s seo, make note of links and pages which may be performing well on google. you may need to adjust the new pages in similar manner, along with redirects if needed.

    don’t launch the site until you’ve completely finished it. either work offline and then migrate, or make a staging site and then push it to live once it’s completed.

    set up security & automatic backups for future.


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