Having issues making my site multilingual without plugin. Best practices?

Hello everyone,
I am having some issues with making my site multilingual.
When I’ve first started it I made for all of the English speaking countries separate pages like that:
mysite. com/usa
mysite. com/uk
mysite. com/canada
mysite. com/new-zealand
mysite. com/x-default
And I’ve added with the Hook Element to the wp\_head the proper hreflang tag. Everything is working just fine and Google ranks the different pages for the specific country.
But now I want to add Spanish and German language and add in the header icon with flags where language can be switched. I’ve installed some plugin but it changes my old hreflang tags and when I do hreflang check they are not working.
I am not able to do the other languages like I did with the English language because the menus need to be changed.
Do you have any easy solution to that? Is there a way I can create my multilingual website without plugin. I can add new menu and footer in Spanish which can be seen only on the Spanish pages. And add the proper hreflangs. But I am concerned I am missing something-is it enough to have the whole page in spanish, menus and footer, hreflang?
Thank you


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