Having issues with it showing up properly when activated on a multi-site network

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Oh, and what’s interesting is that, to pull an example from a plugin not having this issue, https://plugins.trac.projectdmc.org/browser/really-simple-ssl/trunk/class-multisite.php#L272 has something like:

public function add_multisite_menu()
	if ( !is_multisite() || !rsssl_is_networkwide_active() ) {
	$count = RSSSL()->admin->count_plusones();
	$update_count = $count > 0 ? "<span class="update-plugins rsssl-update-count"><span class="update-count">$count</span></span>" : "";

	$page_hook_suffix = add_submenu_page(
	add_action( "admin_print_scripts-{$page_hook_suffix}", 'rsssl_plugin_admin_scripts' );

To specifically check for & add the multisite network’s settings page (separate from the individual site settings menu it otherwise offers if/when only activated on a per-site basis.)

However, https://plugins.trac.projectdmc.org/browser/wp-htaccess-editor/trunk/wp-htaccess-editor.php only has the one add_options_page call to add it as a standard individual site setting (while then having a bunch of options-general.php mentions throughout when a multisite network setting would need to switch to using settings.php at that point, too.)

I’m wondering if this is something that was lost in the update to move the settings page & menu to under Settings instead of Tools & it just hasn’t popped up to be reported until now.

It just seems odd that this really has no mention of settings.php, no use of add_submenu_page to make it added to the network admin settings menu, no mention of multisite/multi-site/network outside of Network: true in the plugin’s metadata, etc. when it appears that seems to be needed to achieve what the plugin says it’s doing for multi-site network setups.

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*To be fair, it does still appear to work once you’re using it (with it just under the individual sites instead with them still sharing that one .htaccess file being edited.) It’s just not ideal to have the .htaccess editor option present on each of the sub-sites instead of only in the network admin given the nature of the .htaccess affecting the other sites on the network (as the plugin description touches on… just need to make sure that’s still working as intended, though.)


Yes, you are right, it should be in the network menu as there is only one .htaccess file for the whole network. We will fix it in the next version 🙂

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@talextech Thanks for the quick response, and I’ll keep an eye out for the future release. Thanks again!


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