header is not showing in preview or even once I publish!

I’m still a noob and just figuring everything out. I once made a header and assigned a menu to it and all was well. Now all of a sudden, its gone, the menu is still assigned to “top header” but when i load the preview for my website its just not there, like wtf.

Why is wordpress so bloody complicated with so many moving parts like the THEME, TEMPLATE and BUILDER, and then WORD PRESS itself all working together to make some kind of magical machine that literally is impossible to figure, sis there any good source to learn how all this shit works together.

btw Im using [wordpress.com](https://wordpress.com) because Im still a noob,


EDIT: its now back randomly but only when I edit my about page through wp. is this shit always this buggy wtf, I’m using astra and elementor, is it a problem with one of those?


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