hello everyone! can u help me?

First of all thanks for your kindness and helpfulness in advance :p i hope everything is just o-right from your end.

There is something i encountered and can’t even produce the right questions for solving the problem :

This company will have hundreds of videos for plc units which they asked me to upload this videos on social media platforms and their website. Social media part is relatively easy since there is tons of tools to share one video on different accounts but i would like to find a way to ‘feed’ this videos on wordpress automatically.

Their intention is to create individual pages for every product to boost their seo(which they are already ahead of their competitors since their job is kinda rare) so i want to be able to automate this page creation? Videos will be on youtube and can pulled with just a youtube link. So the general page layout will be products’s video link (video) , short description and some metadata/data for the product.

Also the content will be in 3 different language and will be uploaded to 2 different websites (different country extentions for the same company domain)

I found a service called planable and it appears they are supporting uploading wp sites (as a blog page) alongside with the social networks but i don’t know if it’s viable in this case.

So anyways sorry for the long message and complete lack of professional web terms (sad) since im a newbie.

A help would be ammmmmaaazing. Thanks gents and ladies. Be good be safe ^^

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  1. One idea would be to create an XSL file with a row for each post (title, post_content, e.t.c.) and find an import plugin to import all posts at once.

    The problem here is that you want to upload this for multiple languages.

    So you should look at what plugin you use for multiple languages and then find an import plugin that supports that.


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