Help, advice, directions? Stuck and can’t code, or speak computer.

If there’s a better place for this please let me know so I can move it. I’m in over my head. I’ve been working on a website for months and my design and coding experience peaked at putting glittery images on my Myspace page. I have wordpress and Elementor Pro, WooCommerce, and a theme called XStore.

If I attempt to change my theme or activate a different one, my site completely crashes. Trying to design a single product page and some of the widgets won’t work, the error says change my theme (I can’t) and deactivate all my plug-ins. But even if I do that, then what? I still need the plug ins. NameCheap said to contact the theme developer, I had to download some telegram app to my phone and computer and there was no way to actually message a person.

Forums and help websites all say change some line of code or add some code, I don’t even know where code goes. I don’t know if I should give up and move to Shopify, give up and continue to only work locally and in person, I’m finishing my Bachelors program and have to do an internship and start on certification hours, I can’t find time to take a computer class to develop one website and nothing I’ve studied used computers past Word.

Sorry for babbling, does anyone know of a direction they can point me in?

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  1. I’m relatively new to WP, but I do have 2 sites running, one is a personal blog and the other is a club site with a few small ecommerce items. I use Elementor Pro, Astra theme, and woocommerce for the major efforts, then some other plugins to add minor functionality. I only added code when I could not do something with a plug-in.

    Deactivating plug ins is a way to figure out the culprit. Don’t delete them. You can either start with no plug ins and add one at a time, or start with your current config and deactivate one at a time. Before you start, make a backup of the site.

    Also, provide a list of all the plug-ins you’ve installed.

    XStore is a theme for woocommerce, I’m not using that and was able to put two services up for sale using my base theme, so unless xstore brings something critically special, that would be the first thing I’d deactivate.


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