Help Creating Handbook Menu

Hey there guys. My apologies if this isn’t allowed here. Feel free to delete, if so. I just spent most of a work day troubleshooting an idea someone had and have not had any luck figuring out a good way to do it.

Basically, they have a pdf handbook that they would like hosted on its own page (I thought I’d just embed the pdf using a plug in, but…) They would also like page/section specific links to the pdf. I know that you can specify a page in a pdf hyperlink, but those are working in Edge and not Chrome or Firefox for me. I would need them to work universally.

Alternatively, adding all of the content into a wp page is possible (and might looks better and more professional), but this is a 104 page pdf. A very long scroll or tons of new pages are both unappealing for me, obviously.

Is there a better plug-in for menu creation and holding that much content maybe? Or is there just a better way to create those pdf links?

Maybe a long shot, but I’m sure almost everyone here knows more than me haha. Thanks for taking a second to read over my problem. I appreciate any help you can offer!


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