[HELP] FluentBooking Questions

Hello 🙂

I manage a website for an local business. They are renting football field for players, and they wanted a booking system on their website. I found Fluent Booking quite nice, so I added the plug-in on my website. Unfortunately, I’ve came across some small issues.

The business rents fields from 10 in the morning to 24 in the night (0, the middle of the night).

I can’t setup Fluent Booking in such a way that users can select 23. Even though my calendar starts from 10 and ends to 23, users can’t select 23. Also, I figure out that they can’t select 23 because that’s the end of the program. Is there any way to tick the program from 10 to 24 (0) ? the plug-in lets me select only 23:45.

I leave some photos below.



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