Help! Forminator form won’t show credit card field when I make it “showonclick” in html

Intermediate WordPress/Elementor builder. Noob with html coding.

I’m building a website for a client (on Elementor/Wordpress) and they want their ebook page’s purchase form to only show when the user presses Buy Now. I’m using Forminator with Stripe integration for the purchase form. I can hide the form and make it appear fine. But when the form shows it displays the “Credit/Debit Card” title and the “Powered By Stripe!” text, but not the actual card details field. The page can be seen here: [](

To get to this point:

I found some HTML code online ([]( that allows me to make the form appear when the user presses a button.

Following that page I did the following:

On the Forminator element I put in CSS class: showclick

Then on the Buy Now button element I put in the CSS class: clicktoshow

Then I put an HTML element under the button and put in the following code:


document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function() {







}); });

}); });




cursor: pointer;



display: none;



Any ideas how I can solve this?


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