Help Needed: Improving Page Speed and Performance on WordPress Site

Hi everyone,

I have a WordPress [website ]( using Elementor and hosted on GoDaddy. Despite cleaning up my plugins, I still have about 70 installed (50 active, 20 inactive). After reading the Pagespeed diagnostics, I installed these plugins WP Rocket Basic Plan(Cache Preloading, etc.) and Smush Pro Plan(optimize my images and convert photos in WebP format). With these plugins, I’ve seen some improvement in my Performance score (from 45 to 67). However, my performance metrics such as LCP, INP, CLS, and etc. haven’t improved at all.

Is this normal? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  1. 50 Plugins wow! Already bloated. Use CDN, try removing plugins, if possible get them down. Load js in footer if possible. Godaddy is the worst imo for hosting, I always find their servers slow.

  2. according to the results, there are multiple issues with your images, try to fix that first, switch images to webp with webpexpress, and run the test again.

    50 plugins is alot, but multiple issues are related to images, fix those first.

    may i know what plugins do you have, maybe we can suggest something better.

  3. How long is the screenshot taken after the optimizations? Remember the CWV metrics are taken from the last 28 days so you’ll need to wait up to a month for changes to show.

    You might be able to see a trend in a week or two of the percentages changing. Click on expand details to see those. Take a screenshot of the before to compare any changes.

    You are also right on the edge of green for the lcp so you won’t notice an SEO boost in improving that, if that’s your goal. 


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