Help Passing “Product of Interest” to Gravity Form

Hi! First time poster here!! I need some help assistance retrieving the “Product” a customer is interested in and passing it to a Gravity Form that is linked from the Product Page.

For context:

We have a hundreds of products on our website for customers to browse. When they click into a product, they see some images, a description and an “Enquire about this product” button. When they click that button, they are taken to a gravity form where we ask for some more details.

When they get to the gravity form, I want the “Product of Interest” field to already be filled in for them.

I have already set the field up to be dynamic with the parameter name of ‘product’. I need help inserting the product name from the previous page without having to hard code it into each of the buttons. Currently I can only update the link for “Enquire about this product” button in one location. And it updates it for all products. For example: the current link is []( and i can update it with the parameter to be

But how do I add the previous page name to to the link? [](

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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