Help, The payment section on a page keeps breaking and never loading, using Flatsome theme.

Hey there, I come needing some help. I have a site for a client all built and running however I am having a weird issue I haven’t seen on any other site I’ve built and I use this theme, Flatsome, kind of often. I have done a test buy and it let me complete it, everything was fine, then when I had the client go to the page and see if it was working somehow the payment processing part broke and would never load where you input the card info. I cleared the page and site cache and was able to see it properly and the card info section loaded on my PC in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge (Safari for windows won’t load the page or like most of the internet anymore) and my Android phone loaded it fine with everything displaying properly. Then I had her check it again on her iPhone and the site broke again. It seems clearing the page and site cache fixes the issue but the next person to visit seems to not be able to put in any card info and it just spins trying to load but never does.

The site is hosted on A2 and is using their optimizer.

This a couple of screenshots to illustrate what I am seeing: [](

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  1. Just to clarify, you have confirmed that it does break after the first visitor by using your phone to be the second visitor, and then it breaks for you as well?

    If you’re able to load the pages and go through the buying process on each of those browsers AND a second device, I don’t think the issue is that it’s breaking after the first visitor. Each of those browsers will be like an additional visitor to the site.

    Can you verify the problem on your own via multiple devices/browsers? Are you able to have a 3rd person that isn’t the client also verify the problem exists?

    The reason I ask is that this could be an issue with your client, possibly their browser settings.

    Edit: Another way to test if it’s breaking for your client or just after the first visitor is to clear all the caches again, but instead of you being the first visitor, let your client or someone else be the first visitor.


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