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Hello everyone. My friend paid for WordPress website. Right now, I wanted to clone it using WPvivid, to try to modify some stuff without affecting the live website. I followed every step until I found out we should have WordPress Premium + all the paid plugins to install the copy of her website anywhere else.

She has access to the website but she doesn’t have a WordPress account. Is there anything we can do withouth paying again? Is there any way to clone or work on her website witthout affecting the live one?

Sorry if this is noob question


  1. This is for and you should contact support therein.

    This sub primarily deals with WordPress, the platform, not the hosted version available in tiers (that seem to cause tears) at

  2. *but she doesn’t have a WordPress account*

    If her website is hosted on [](, she definitely has a []( account. Are you sure she’s with []( What’s the domain name?

    You don’t need a paid plugin to migrate a site – free ver of WPVivid is what I use for all my migrations these days – their auto-migration feature is awesome.


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