Hi! I’ve been using Squarespace for the last 5+ years for my website. I’m about to start a new company and I’m curious if I should try out WordPress this time? Thanks!

I haven’t really looked into other platforms because I’ve been happy with Squarespace for the last 5 years but I figure it’s worth looking into something new if I’m going to start from scratch on the new site. I like Squarespace because it’s simple, easy to use and great customer service. I’ll be selling subscription services for my new website and Squarespace’s plan jumps to about $500/year to sign up for that so that was a potential red flag. So I guess I just have some generic questions.

Is WordPress as easy to use as Squarespace?

Can I sell subscription services on WordPress?

Is the pricing roughly the same?

Do you recommend one of the over for beginners/intermediate users?

Thank you!!

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  1. WordPress is much less of a turn-key solution than Square space. You can do pretty much anything you want in WP, but you’ll be patching together 3rd party plugins and will have to keep up with testing their compatibility together across updates.

    WordPress (.org) is just software, so pricing is dependent on your host. I’d avoid using WordPress.com for hosting, as they’re usually the most expensive host for WP.


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