Hide Widget Title accessibility option

Great plugin – thanks for making this available! Just a “wish list” suggestion…

For the sake of accessibility, perhaps it would be possible to hide the widget title, but include it for screen readers? When choosing the “Hide Widget Title” option, it would be great to have the title tag appear in the markup anyway, but with a class of .sr-only

Bootstrap, for example, uses the .sr-only class to hide elements which you don’t want seen by anyone except those using a screen reader. See: https://www.w3docs.com/snippets/css/why-and-how-the-bootstrap-sr-only-class-is-used.html

I’m not sure if everyone would want this, of course, so maybe you could include it as an option. “Make widget title .sr-only” or “Show widget title for screen readers only”, or something similar.

Removing the title of a widget altogether is something of an accessibility no-no.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to accomplish this as a workaround, with the current version of this plugin?


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