<span class="resolved" aria-label="Resolved" title="Topic is resolved."></span>High CPU usage and site limited

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I got a notification saying that my CPU seconds was reaching its limit. I contacted Siteground and was told I was getting a ton of hits from one IP, which from what I can tell is a Google IP. I am at a loss as too how to fix it. Here is the IP and the request type:

IP: WordPress/6.1.1; https://agirlandherpassport.com
Request type: agirlandherpassport.com – [23/Nov/2022:18:24:00 +0000] “POST / HTTP/1.1” 200 21023 “https://agirlandherpassport.com/&#8221; “WordPress/6.1.1; https://agirlandherpassport.com&#8221; | TLSv1.3 | 0.506 0.529 0.533 – 0 NC:000000 UP:SKIP_CACHE_SET_COOKIEDT

My site isn’t accessible anymore due to this. Any ideas? Thanks!


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