high cpu usage and slow web site speed

Thanks for the upload.

Your site may benefit from a persistent object cache.

Your slowest queries come from a plugin that seems to be called Tutor LMS Pro. Your core WordPress queries seem to be performing well.

Here’s your slowest query, which took about 1.54 seconds.

SELECT DISTINCT quiz_attempts.*, quiz.post_title, users.user_email, users.user_login, users.display_name
FROM fgt_tutor_quiz_attempts quiz_attempts
INNER JOIN fgt_posts quiz ON quiz_attempts.quiz_id = quiz.ID
INNER JOIN fgt_users AS users ON quiz_attempts.user_id = users.ID
INNER JOIN fgt_posts AS course ON course.ID = quiz_attempts.course_id
INNER JOIN fgt_tutor_quiz_attempt_answers AS ans ON quiz_attempts.attempt_id = ans.quiz_attempt_id
WHERE quiz_attempts.attempt_ended_at IS NOT NULL
AND ( users.user_email="" OR users.display_name LIKE '%%' OR quiz.post_title LIKE '%%' OR course.post_title LIKE '%%' )
AND quiz_attempts.attempt_ended_at IS NOT NULL
ORDER BY quiz_attempts.attempt_ended_at DESC

I’m not familiar with that plugin, but it does appear that this particular query is not designed for efficiency. Your best path to improving this is through the plugin developer.


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