(Hire) Help why search radius is not working (Workscout and search & filtering)

I posted a few days ago asking for help to optimize my site for hire but then I ran into an issue with my search radius not working.

I did many test sites before I bought all my plugins and themes, got them pirated to test out with intentions to buy if I knew I could do what I wanted.

On my test site with pirated copies (Workscout 3.14 version) everything works fine. After I purchased it, got version 3.19 and noticed my site isn’t working. I thought maybe it was something I did so I created a fresh install and changed nothing and it still doesn’t work (with purchased version 3.19)

I contacted the developer but don’t want to wait so long so willing to offer some cash if someone can help me get through this so I can move on to continue building.

Here is the fresh install site to see what I mean, this one includes purchased copies of all themes and plugins.


If you go to Ajax loaded maps, I have a Vegas listing and anything you put in the search field comes out with no results no matter how much radius is set. I can provide administrator access to anyone who thinks they know what the problem might be.



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