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Thank you for reaching out.

currently the graph only gets the lowest price during a single say which could explain why you are seeing only 1 value.

Maybe this calls for a feature were you can control for how long timespans should be grouped together to get the lowest data point

But we will investigate why the values are incorrect and get back to you.

Here is another example

this went from $5.00 to $0.99, but the graph is showing it went from $0 to $5

I believe the plugin is only taking the dollar amount into consideration when plotting the price history. which would be why sales listed at $1.49 are showing $1 in the price history graph and why sales listed at $0.99 are showing $0 in the price history graph

Thank you for the information and help with troubleshooting this issue.

As you pointed out the plugin only supported whole values.
We have now updated it with version 1.1.0 to support up to 2 decimals.

However to update it correctly you have 2 options

Either you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the plugin again from the plugin repository.

This will also clear your current price history database tables so historic prices before this will be lost.

Alternatively if you have access to your database you alter the Database tabel called (wp_prefix)_wp_totej_price_history and update the price column to be a decimal(5,2) data type

If you go this route you only ned to update the plugin to 1.1.0, without uninstalling first.

Sorry for the inconvenience


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