Homepage views vs post views

I’m having posts up just for fun so the layout of my wordpress is simple. When you log on to the page, you are able to see all posts. However, I have been playing around with the visibility of my posts to analyze the stats but it seems like it is never updated?

I got a friend to log on to the page, a homepage view would be logged but not a post view despite them reading through each and every post. Previously when I had the post protected with a password, 2 homepage views would be logged but the private post itself would not receive a single view too.

I have a blend of both password protected and public posts now but both type of posts do not gain views individually.

I was wondering if one has to click in to a certain post to gain the post view? But if so, why does password protected views not get post views too?

I hope I’m making sense and sorry if it sounds confusing!


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