Hover zoom-in CSS



I am trying to get a zoom-in effect on hover for my images inside a gallery.

However, the center image is always showing a weird scaling or margin issue that I cannot get rid of.

The issue is more visible in the middle image inside my 3-columns-galleries.

The issue is more or less visible depending on the width of the browser window.


Attached is a small GIF showing the issue.


The margin is not respected and behaving weirdly


This is the example page from my website :



Here is my current CSS code :

`.wp-block-gallery .wp-block-image {`

`overflow: hidden;`


`.wp-block-gallery .wp-block-image img {`

`transform: scale(1);`

`transition: .3s ease-in-out;`


`.wp-block-gallery .wp-block-image:hover img {`

`transform: scale(1.03);`



I have tweaked the CSS without success and I cannot understand why only the middle image is behaving like this.

FYI my images have a .5px margin.


Thank you for you support !

Have a nice day 🙂


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