How can I echo specific data from json api response

I am trying to understand rest api more, so I created a request with a 3rd party application, the request is working but I don’t know how to display specific data from JSON, for example here I want to echo the “status” value which is “in progress”


“id”: “string”,
“custom_id”: “string”,
“name”: “string”,
“text_content”: “string”,
“description”: “string”,
“status”: {
“status”: “in progress”,
“color”: “#d3d3d3”,
“orderindex”: 1,
“type”: “custom”
“orderindex”: “string”,
“date_created”: “string”,
“date_updated”: “string”,
“date_closed”: “string”,
“creator”: {
“id”: 183,
“username”: “John Doe”,

also, is there anything that I must do to protect the API key?

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