How can I make a post carousel with posts from an external site?

I am new(ish) to web development and am currently building a new portfolio site to highlight all of the work my company has done with a specific customer. We would like to have a carousel on the homepage rotating through our featured case studies from projects with that customer, pulling case studies from our main site. When you click on each case study it would take you to a link on our main site.

I thought the best way to do this would be to set up an RSS feed pulling the related posts from the existing site and embed the feed on the new site, but after spending about a day I’ve realized I may not be able to get the feed displayed in a “carousel” format. Also, I’m running into issues with RSS pulling the right image from each post to highlight.

Are there any ways I could accomplish this? And yeah, I know this is a weird set up. If it were up to me, we would just make this a page on our existing site rather than a whole new site. But this is what my boss has asked me to do.

  1. Sounds like a job for the WordPress REST API:

    When you fetch (as in, the JavaScript fetch function) the posts or CPT listing you’ll get an object containing the title, link and featured image for each post (as well as other info). Use JS to create elements to display the incoming info. Fair warning: this solution is JavaScript-heavy, so you should be confident in using JS before attempting this (or patient enough to sit with it for a while).

  2. This is one of those very specific use cases where there probably isn’t a plugin that fits exactly. The good news is that it is probably less than 10 hours for a competent plugin writer to create something specific to your situation.


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