How can i take data from customers and have chatgpt process it then output an answer all on the same page?

Im wondering if theres a way i can have users input some data (for example: their age, height, food preference etc.) in a basic form then process that data with chatgpt api and have it display a response immediately on the same page (for example: a custom curated meal plan). if you have any ideas do let me know!

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  1. This isn’t a wordpress question, but anyway.

    Build an html form with the inputs you want. Post the form to your server (via post request, or ajax if you don’t want to refresh the page). On your server, structure the form content into a meaningful question (“I’m $_ years old and eat $_ calories per day, what should I eat?”) to pass on to the ChatGPT API. Get the chatGPT response and pass back to your client.

    EZ Peazy.


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